Twitter Reacts! Greg Cunningham

After being linked to Cardiff City for a year, Greg Cunningham finally signed for the club on Wednesday, 13th June 2018. The left back has generated a lot of chatter on Twitter these past 24 hours, from both City and Preston North End supporters. Continue reading “Twitter Reacts! Greg Cunningham”


Greg Cunningham joins Cardiff City

Almost one year after Neil Warnock thought he was close to bagging him, Greg Cunningham has put pen to paper on a three year contract at Cardiff City. As with Josh Murphy, the Bluebirds have not confirmed the cost of the player, but it is thought to be in the range of £3.5m to £4m. Continue reading “Greg Cunningham joins Cardiff City”

Cardiff City’s bus parade was the perfect end to the season

Ahead of Cardiff City’s final league game, I made it clear to my lady that it would be the last time [for three months] that I would have to run off to watch something football-related during time that I could be with her and the family. And, I meant it. But then we got promoted, and our club decided to throw a massive party in the city centre only a week later, leaving me in quite the pickle. Continue reading “Cardiff City’s bus parade was the perfect end to the season”

What the promotion party meant to this Bluebirds supporter

When Cardiff City won promotion to the Premier League on 16th April 2013, I genuinely felt that I was witnessing a sight that I would never see again. Thousands of fans were invading the playing surface, eager to celebrate the clubs first promotion to the top flight in 51 years, and the players were right there amongst them. History was being made. Who could ever forget some of the iconic photographs of Kevin McNaughton that were taken in those moments? Not me, and not many others, I’d expect. Continue reading “What the promotion party meant to this Bluebirds supporter”

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